Do The 47% Know Who They Are?

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2011 @ 4:46pm

Erick Erickson is parading around the fact that only 53% of Americans pay income taxes. The reason many taxpayers wrongly think they are a part of this group:

[M]ost people think of the taxes that you pay when you "do your taxes" in April as being your income taxes. It is, in fact, a consolidated income tax and payroll tax. Thanks to some temporary tax cuts implemented during the recession, a very large share of American workers currently have only payroll tax liability rather than income tax liability. So through sleight of hand, you can convince many more than 53 percent of the people that they are part of the put-upon "53 percent" forced to bear the burden of a nation of slackers. It’s clever. But don’t fall for it, and don’t let your friends and family fall for it either.

Chait chips in two cents.