The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew celebrated the life of Frank Kameny, and readers eulogized the great pioneer of gay equality. We corralled more Bloomberg debate reax: Gingrich really belongs on Dancing With The Stars, Huntsman may belong in the State Department, and Perry, the candidate without a plan, doesn't belong in the debates. A reader decried Cain's civil rights cowardice, and the other "Rich Lowry" happens to be a Wells Fargo branch employee who designed the 9-9-9 plan in his spare time.

We assessed new developments in the alleged Iranian assassination plot here, here, and here. The Middle East is splitting along sectarian lines, Scott Charney skewered Bono's hollow approach to philanthropy in Africa, torture reigned in Afghan detention facilities, and we peeked at Qaddafi porn.  

Elizabeth Warren won Burke's support (fun parody of her announcement video here), rank-and-file Republican voters endorsed Obama-style "class warfare," Juan Willians berated congressional Republicans, and Douthat made excuses for them. Occupy Wall Street is not Burning Man, it actually has more in common with the Tea Party than either movement would like to admit, and we did the OWS math here and here. Obama took up the fight against medical marijuana as psilocybin came to the aid of the dying, and Tyler Cowen took issue with Steven Pinker's methodology on violence.

The English language can claim global dominance, a straight guy built a cruiser app with insights he extracted from gays, and heterosexual boys forged physical and emotional bonds in the U.K. Drunk driving is sobering up, development drives urban efficiency, and the fantasy genre could be falling out of favor. In our video feature, Andrew reminisced about the scarf-clad Doctor Who. 

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(Photo: "A march by the Washington Mattachine Society in 1970, with Frank holding his trademarked sign.")