The War On Medical Marijuana

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 12 2011 @ 11:03am


Obama ramps it up:

[E]nough with the pretenses. The Justice Department's current position is that the tolerance promised by the president applies only to patients, which makes Obama's policy indistinguishable from his predecessor's, which in turn did not represent any restraint at all, since the federal government generally does not bother with cases involving small amounts of drugs, regardless of who is using them or for what purpose.

The California raids were particularly retrograde, even though the system there obviously needs a revamp. I wonder how much politics is behind this and how much is simple institutional lobbying. But if Obama wants to truly depress his younger base, he can keep this up. You think they'll be voting for an administration that treats marijuana on the same level as crystal meth?

And why, one wonders, aren't the Republicans lambasting the Obama administration for violating the Tenth Amendment they're so fond of? Because, as with marriage, federalism only exists among most Republicans (except Paul and Johnson, peace be upon them), in so far as it never encounters a policy Christianists dislike.