Herman Cain, Frontrunner

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 13 2011 @ 11:01am


Cain now leads in two polls and he's within spitting distance of Romney in the poll of polls (above). James Joyner isn't ready to take Cain seriously:

No major party in modern American history has nominated someone whose resume doesn’t include previous stints as President, Vice President, US Senator, Governor, or general for the presidency. I don’t expect Cain to break that streak. But it’s probably a little early to consider this race in the bag for Romney quite yet.

Allahpundit takes stock:

Perry’s lost 22 points since the last poll — and not a single one went to Romney. That’s how reluctant base voters are to back him over some other conservative in the field. The good news for Romney is that he still has an electability argument against Perry. His favorables are 27/29 overall and he trails Obama by just two points head-to-head. Perry’s favorables are 19/36(!) and O leads him by an even dozen, 51/39, in a hypothetical match-up; Perry also trailed Obama by double digits in Rasmussen’s latest poll released this morning. (Cain’s favorables are 24/18 but, being mostly unknown, he trails Obama 49/38.) 

Two things: how hilarious is it that after the Obamacare summer, the Tea Party Revolution, the proposed abolition of Medicare as an entitlement, and the various Palin, Bachmann, Cain, Trump circuses … the GOP looks as if it's going to nominate … Mitt Romney, almost a definition of what the Tea Party claim to oppose, by default?

Second, what does it say about a party that its most competitive nominee is basically tied with the president, while unemployment remains over 9 percent? It says it's much weaker right now than it wants you to believe.