Ron Paul In Iowa, Ctd

A reader asks:

I'm skeptical of Ron Paul's "baby in a bucket" story. If this appalling situation happened, why did Paul just keep on walking? Or was that "life" just not worth his time that day? If such a thing happened and I were a doctor, I'd make a scene. Short of that, I'd take it out of the "bucket" and give it comfort for its last few moments. Really, he's either telling a tall tale or guilty of the same heartlessness he's condemning.

Another writes:

Ron Paul's ad is the truth of abortion as claimed by the Pro Life movement and you know this because it's so simplified as to be an exercise in fantasy. You heard the real truth in the stories you received from women and men who had to face the painful choice of a late-term abortion. You got to hear, in their own words, the pain, the suffering, the difficulty that such a choice involved. THAT is sincere.

Ron Paul making a political ad in which he bases an entire philosophy of life on what seems, at most, to be a quick impression based on absolutely NO background medical knowledge of the cases is not sincerity; it's bullshit and pandering. What are the chances that these so called operating rooms actually existed side-by-side and Ron Paul walked into them, completely by chance? What are the chances that these two operating rooms happened to have absolutely uncaring, cruel medical professionals in one room, and the committed, caring, dedicated professionals in the other? The entire ad is a fantasy and it's gross and disgusting because people like you, people who should know better than to be taken in by such rhetoric (and would laugh at it if it was presented by someone like Sarah Palin), consider it sincere because it comes from Ron Paul.