Sic Semper?

The military council has just announced that Qaddafi was captured and killed in Surt today. A ghastly picture of his alleged corpse is making the rounds. We're not running it, because we can't confirm it truly is him. And getting a thoroughly authenticated corpse will matter. Nonetheless, the signs are unmistakably good. Another Mid-Eastern tyrant has met his come-uppance. The difference this time is that the West helped; indeed, it's hard to see how the anti-Qaddafi forces would have pulled this off without NATO.

I was against this, both substantively and procedurally. I stick by the latter point. I concede the former, with obvious caveats about the unknowns ahead. The manner of the coalition was perhaps the most innovative part of this achievement, as Fred Kaplan elaborates here. But any day a tyrant falls, an American should celebrate. Assad can't be too thrilled this morning.