“When Tim Met Marco”

For some reason the Republican blogosphere is swooning over the above exchange. What you see, in my view, is an exchange between someone making high school debating points and someone actually making decisions about governing when there are no great choices. Geithner logically destroys Rubio here. But because the right has become uninterested in governing, or the compromises of responsible politics, and is essentially a talk radio racket pretending to be a serious political party, they see a triumph. A commenter at NRO proves not every conservative has succumbed to the delusion

[I]f Rubio made anyone look like an idiot, it was himself. Shorter Rubio: "How come we can't just cherry pick the ideas we want without giving anything back? Why can't we take an idea out of its context? … Republican politicians have refused to play ball. And if Republican politicians like Rubio think they are going to pocket the tax cuts while also making deep spending cuts, they are completely delusional.