The End Of The War? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 21 2011 @ 5:34pm

Of course, skepticism is due – with respect to contractors, diplomats, some out-of-country military trainers, aid, etc. And a great deal of concern is merited about the nature of the new regime emerging in Libya – especially the fact that some, but not all, in the administration were eager to stay a while longer. Nonetheless, this week saw two wars effectively ended – one inherited, the other not. That doesn't happen often – about as often as government programs simply being abolished. The good news is that the drawdown in Afghanistan is also continuing.

Again, I think of the actual record of this president. He has drastically tightened the noose around Assad and Khamenei and avoided the war the neocons so desperately want with Tehran. And he has ended the war in Iraq as he promised to, and concluded a war with a victory many of us doubted at the get-go, without another quagmire, and with considerable allied and Arab support.

We sometimes forget that he began as an anti-war candidate when the Great Recession was a twinkle in a credit default swap trader's eye. And when I hear people whining about his betrayals or their disappointments, I just hope they note that against great odds, the Iraq war is over without our running for cover. Given the core contradiction of the conflict and the bungling of the occupation: not so shabby. Given his core reason for running for president, mission accomplished.