The Hit On Rubio

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 21 2011 @ 10:31am

His official bio is wrong, and it’s worth pointing that out. And the issue is not trivial: there is a difference between assessing one’s options and leaving Cuba before Castro came to power and fleeing his persecution afterward. But the get is underwhelming. Marc Caputo notes that the WaPo has no rhetorical smoking gun from Rubio’s own mouth, and that the Senator himself had already told journalists that his family left Cuba before the revolution:

Rubio’s office has told both the Washington Post, the St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald that his parents came to the United States prior to Castro taking power. And he has said it more than once. In the article we wrote last month about his pending autobiography, Rubio clearly told us his parents came here before Castro took power. He struggled to recall the year (this isn’t in the story, it’s in my notes) and said it was in “57 or 58 or 59.” When asked pointedly: Was it before the revolution? Rubio said it was before the revolution.

Not blameless for some of this, as the ad above proves, but perspective, please.