Can “Compassionate Conservatism” Make A Comeback?

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 24 2011 @ 7:45pm

In an interview with Tim Goeglein, one of George W. Bush's longest-serving aides, Timothy Dalrymple reconsiders "compassionate conservatism" as an approach to civil society: 

Personally, I’ve sometimes wondered whether “compassionate conservatism” came out, in effect, to big-government conservatism.  I no longer think that’s the case.  Although Bush expanded government spending, he often directed that spending in ways that did not further bloat the government bureaucracy but, instead, empowered churches and ministries and other organizations in the private sector to do their work.  

Perhaps this is just a case of "non-ironic Bush nostalgia." Scott Galupo's post-mortem

Maybe one day Republicans will rediscover compassionate conservatism—a modest vision that was overwhelmed by terror, war, economic calamity, and, finally, an ugly ideological freakout.