Are Mormons Christians? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 27 2011 @ 2:11pm

Erica Greider challenges Goldblog:

[T]he idea that Mormons are becoming more Christian seems to contradict the argument that Mormons aren't Christian to start with. And the overarching objection seems to be that Mormons are "outside the Christian denominational mainstream," as Mr Goldberg puts it. Well, so? At one point people would have said that about Protestants, and they would have been wrong then, too … Mormons have always professed their faith to be Christian, and there is a consensus, I think, that they believe themselves to be so. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the profession of faith should be enough.

Jeffrey seems almost persuaded. Larison not so much. The notion of humans becoming gods, and of God having a physical human form, and the denial of the crucial doctrine on the Trinity – along with an entirely new book as the fulfillment of Christianity, without which other forms of Christianity are lacking: this sets Mormons apart theologically. They do not proselytize with the Bible. They do so with a different book entirely, one which no other Christian denomination accepts as valid.

I should repeat: I think Romney's and Huntsman's faith is a (minor) reason to vote for them, not against them, because it demonstrates religious liberty and toleration in America. The same with Obama and race. But I cannot see the video below and recognize Christianity. And I'm sorry to say I cannot read the accounts of Joseph Smith's life and discoveries without the word "grifter" springing immediately into my mind.