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Today on the Dish, white evangelicals doubled down as support for marriage equality deepened, real GDP finally returned to its pre-recession peak, and we collected blogger reax to the news. Andrew clarified his sense of hell, Mormonism isn't obviously Christian, and we revisited the Mormon Jesus's appearance in the Americas. In our video feature, Andrew revealed his secrets to longevity with HIV.

Herman Cain arrived at something of a foreign policy doctrine, the Hermanator's candidacy is without historical parallel (and yet he doesn't have a chance), and Karl Rove clung to his own abating influence. Perry's "plans" are geared toward primary voters and not analysts or economists, he considered skipping some of the debates, and shifting costs around is not the same as controlling costs.

The Arab Spring didn't come out of the blue, the SCAF is holding Egypt back, and it's possible that poorly-designed architecture provoked the London rioters. 

The Oakland police unloaded on peaceful protests, we wondered if OWS would survive winter, and the U.S. is losing ground on social mobility. Obama may not deserve the blame for the medical marijuana crackdown in California, we accepted Internal Realism in baseball, and gay couples are raising children in every corner of America. Relocating, with movers, is for the rich, readers complicated Toby Ord's unbridled celebration of population growth, and scientists "think God's thoughts after Him." Siri is incapable of conversing with the Scots, compassion is central to Confucian ethics, and we should vaccinate ourselves for others too. Andrew and our readers shared their favorite renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, and we assessed Groupon's declining value before its IPO. We deconstructed bigotry, borrowing basic concepts should be legal, and older people don't watch horror movies because they have stimulation fatigue.

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