The Wrong Way To Stop A Protest

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 27 2011 @ 12:59pm

E.D. Kain gives Oakland police, who cracked down on local Occupy protesters, some free advice:

[I]f you want a protest or a rally to dissipate, ignore it. Until it turns into a violent riot, ignore it. Even if it goes on for weeks and months, eventually people go home. If you want to make the protests more poignant, more profound, if you want to swell the ranks of the protesters and give them even more legitimacy, attack them with tear gas and flashbombs. Arrest them en masse.

Jon Stewart made the case rather elegantly last night as well. As we pointed out earlier, in many cities in the north of the country, the cold will surely demand major retrenchment. Why, one wonders, didn't they start this in the spring?