Hogmanwhat? Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Oct 28 2011 @ 3:37pm

A reader writes, "This hilarious video was my Glaswegian friend's response to Siri's linguistic short-comings":

Another writes:

I’m a Londoner with a very neutral British accent living in the US and my (American) Siri doesn’t understand me either. 

I have to repeat myself numerous times and in an increasingly bad American accent to make myself understood.  And since I am the Dick Van Dyke of American, this can get very tedious.  Why not use British Siri, you ask?  British Siri understands me perfectly, but unfortunately it has been programmed to say "I can only search for businesses, maps and traffic in the United States, and when you’re using US English’,  which seems very unreasonable to me. Why can’t I search for US businesses in British English?

Still, I look forward to seeing all the American tourists in London being forced to use British Siri and British English to search for local information. That should be extremely funny.