The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Herman Cain faced allegations of sexual harassment, a few on the right took them seriously, and it's possible that we're headed for another "high-tech lynching" drama. A management-side employment lawyer urged caution, the legacy of Palin endured, and in our video feature, Andrew discussed Cain's performance art in the context of a degenerate Republican Party. Bartlett pinpointed Cain's underlying appeal, and Andrew took Obama to task for ducking the marijuana debate entirely.

The GOP suffered through a love-hate relationship with Mitt, Tea Party leaders in Congress begged for stimulus, and lower speed limits save lives. Hollywood entered the OWS fray, we wondered how the movement would end, and financial services professionals only comprise 14% of the top 1%. We assessed population growth and inventoried global resources, campaign finance reform obscures the path of money, and the drug war undermines American foreign policy. The problem is that we're "so damn stubborn," Steve Jobs was sort of a jerk but we're inclined to deify him anyway, and niceness is penalized in the workplace. Readers defended patent laws, effective studying requires deep thinking, and our national anthem thread continued. We revisited moving costs, foster care families are confronted with a political dilemma, and a Catholic priest celebrated Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life.

In Wiccan New Year-related coverage, we relished highbrow fright, caught up on the neuroscience and pharmacology of zombies, and Williamsburg observed Halloween constantly. We were captivated by Spike Jonze’s spooky stop-motion animation, and cars haunt trick-or-treaters. Pet costume of the day here, Jack-o'-lantern of the day here, cool exorcist ad watch here, FOTD here, and MHB here.

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