Cain On Israel

His positions are what you would expect from someone whose political identity has been formed in the fever swamps of Fox and talk radio. I.e.: the Palestinians do not exist as a people; the US should support any Israeli government in any circumstance because the two divinely exceptionalist countries are indistinguishable; the West Bank settlements, far from being frozen or dismantled, should be aggressively expanded on Biblical principles. The combination of neocon fanaticism with evangelical literalism means that Israel does not just have a special relationship – it is the United States, as far as the GOP is now concerned.

And what on earth is an American candidate doing giving an interview to a foreign newspaper, deriding his own president as "weak" and backing the foreign government over his own? (A foreign newspaper owned, I might add, by an American). This has now become so routine for the Likudnik GOP we don't notice how offensive this, how, if a Democratic candidate addressed a foreign country in order to foil his own president's foreign policy, we'd never hear the end of it.

But then, increasingly, Israel-Palestine is no longer a foreign policy question for the GOP. It's a domestic question, related primarily to how to channel religious devotion, and to demonstrate one's own theological cred. Like running for office in Tunisia.