Drip, Drip, Drip

Cain is now facing five harassment accusations – three from women he worked with, one from a GOP pollster, and one from an Iowa radio host. Cain's campaign is accusing Perry of leaking the story and demanding an apology. Jennifer Rubin sighs:

There are some who will say that where there is this much smoke there’s a roaring fire. Others will say these are just opportunists jumping on the get-Cain bandwagon. But come on: Cain seems intent on making the controversy worse, and accusing another campaign of mischief with zero proof is, if nothing else, very foolish.

Allahpundit sorts through today's developments. Chauncey DeVega, writing earlier this afternoon, wondered how many more will come forward:

By the time this winds down how many accusers will there be in total? I say no less than five and no more than 7.