The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Herman Cain owned South Carolina, he reminded us of his foreign policy ignorance, and we got to know his wife Gloria. Derbyshire ridiculed sexual harassment as Cain faced more accusations, the Hermanator played an uncertain race card, and Dreher saw Cain candidacy's as a sign of decadence. The Republican base flat-out rejected an intelligent and capable two-term governor with deep domestic and foreign policy experience, T-Paw nostalgia took hold, and the Obamacons dispersed. Obama's allies offered up a vision of "Mitt Romney's America," Mitt ducked the press, we graphed Rick Perry's baffling tax plan, and the Texas governor was somehow sober during this speech

A former American Foreign Service worker collected Qaddafi's stamps, Stuart Schoffmann unpacked Israel's particular "theocratic tendencies," and Mollie Ziegler investigated the relationship between mental illness and religious fundamentalism. Iran isn't prepared to absorb popular resentment in the Middle East, Libya's military has trust issues, and China's Global Times rebranded Chinese nationalism. 

Andrew introduced "Dish-Check," and invited readers to correct or refine his post about the sources of the financial collapse. Glenn Greenwald captured the accountability deficit, memories may determine the election, and readers reflected on nature and grace in The Tree of Life. BofA retreated, Josh Barro found the Washington establishment reassuring, and the supercommittee underwhelmed. The Christianist's faith isn't strong enough to withstand another human being's happiness, a gay Christian was shunned, and HuffPo uncovered some gruesome homosexuality "cures." Amicable divorce is on the rise, technology can see what you're thinking, and Fairfield County is probably the most unequal county in America. Houston police unleashed unmanned drones, a Texas judge attacked his daughter, and the screeching sound of fingernails on a chalkboard is amplified inside our ears. We weighed the Internet, parsed Steve Jobs' last words, and cursed the new Google Reader. A humanoid military robot sweats, and "Scott Tenorman Must Die."

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(Photo: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain waits to be introduced prior to his address to the Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Consumer Electronic Association on jobs, the economy and American competitiveness November 2, 2011 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in McLean, Virginia. Cain has denied the sexual harassment accusations that have surfaced from the time when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images.)