Christ Contains Multitudes

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 6 2011 @ 10:40am

J.R. Daniel Kirk embraces the different Gospel accounts:

[W]hat do we do when Luke says, "Blessed are the poor," and Matthew says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit"? Is Matthew clear here where Luke is ambiguous, thereby telling us what Jesus really meant? Or are we to hear in Luke’s version his special concern for the socially marginalized? …  Make no mistake, there are tremendous pastoral issues at stake in affirming correctly what the Bible is. But one of the worst mistakes we can make, especially in a day and age where media will tell people the truth if we don’t, is to affirm a vision of a single-voiced scripture that fails to correspond to the text we have actually been given.

Brian LePort buttresses Kirk's point: 

Jesus was a 3-D character in a 2-D world, yet we seek to flatten him. He was big enough to need multiple portraits, but we shrink him. … This isn’t a call for a relativized Jesus. I don’t think the Gospels of Judas, Peter, the Hebrews, and so forth provide us with depictions of Jesus grounded in the historical Jesus. There are some limitations to the Jesus we encounter. Yet within these limitations there is great diversity. This tells me that Jesus was someone quite special.