The Cain Presser: Reader Reax

A reader writes:

I think it’s kind of funny that Mr. Cain appears to be flanked by one American flag for every woman who’s publicly accused him of sexual harassment.

Another writes:

Here’s a question for Herman Cain: On average, how many claims of sexual harassment do you think the average CEO receives in a career?

This guy is a lunatic.


As a corporate lawyer, who has advised many executives through depositions and trial, I note that Cain is well coached. His primary defense is really “I don’t remember.” And he has been doing a sliding variant of this “I don’t remember” or “I can only recall . . .” defense for some time previously. The key defense is not that I didn’t do this – – but I don’t even remember who she is. That is primarily a defense (and often legitimate) against perjury charges, but candidly it gives you time to “recollect” something later and adjust to new facts. In terms of knocking down this tactic, you need a real deposition or trial. One persistent questioner, following up and building off prior questions. That is not what you get at a press conference. So, my guess that he will not be killed by this kind of appearance, but by whether more shoes drop.


The NRA has to release the details of its settlements with these women. Cain can’t sit there and say her claim was proven to be groundless and then leave her without proper recourse.

Agreed. Indeed it would be outrageous at this point if the NRA didn’t release all it has on this matter. And Cain, if he is telling the truth, should be the first to urge this, no?