Assad’s Victims Mount


The brutality of Assad seems to know no bounds – and his strategy for survival is dependent purely on lies, media suppression and mass, organized violence against civilians. Above is a video capture of the dead lying in a Homs hospital, were many were torn from respirators by Assad thugs, determined not just to terrorize but to kill even in places where the sick are treated. Below is a video of a young girl in Homs, killed by the Assad forces:

Mary Casey and Tom Kutsch summarize the state of the conflict:

Clashes have intensified between government troops and armed defectors in Homs in what the New York Times states may be one of the "most violent episodes" since the start of the uprising. Alongside Homs, violence has erupted in the country's fourth largest city of Hama where government forces have surrounded a medical complex and the Baath Party headquarters. The escalation has come a week after President Bashar al-Assad committed to an Arab League plan calling for the end of regime attacks, withdrawal of forces, and release of political prisoners.

In the face of this reality, there is some evidence that the Syrian resistance, heretofore amazingly non-violent, is turning to arms after brutal assaults like the one on the neighborhood of Baba Amr. The critical factor in causing the regime's collapse – military defections – is happening, but have yet to reach a breaking point.

There won't be NATO military intervention, which means we in the media and civil society need to do what we can to air the evidence of these atrocities. When hospitals are war zones, when the bodies of torture victims are returned to their families up to two weeks after their deaths, we can at least communicate and underline the grotesque reality. And we can put pressure on those in the West lending support to the dictator, notably an Italian company, Area SpA, that is installing a state-of-the-art web monitoring system "with the power to intercept, scan and catalog virtually every e-mail that flows through the country".

Syria advocates are tweeting around a petition to stop this effort, which may be having some effect. Please add your name. Mercifully, Brooke Anderson reports that new sanctions also appear to be hurting Assad. This is going to be a long and bloody struggle. We need to remind ourselves whose side we are on. And remind the peole of Syria that they are not forgotten, and that their day will come.