The Sandusky Grand Jury Report, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 10 2011 @ 12:20pm

A reader writes:

I've just finished reading the report and it really is horrifying, reading more like a Marquis de Sade novel than a grand jury filing. But something bothered me even more than just the depictions of rape of and sexual misconduct with minors (which is horrifying enough in its own right). Beyond the cover-ups by the administration, the coaching staff, the fucking janitorial crews, there is this: "Victim 7… was contacted by Sandusky and separately by Sandusky's wife… in the weeks prior to Victim 7's appearance before the Grand Jury."

Look, I understand not wanting to believe that someone you love could be this kind of monster. The urge to fight such a characterization makes total sense. But for Sandusky's wife to call one of the (admittedly, alleged) victims of her husband's physical and emotional abuse in order to… what, manipulate him into not talking? Threaten him? Beg him not to tell the truth to the Grand Jury? What was the point of such a phone call? It disgusts me.

The rot goes beyond Sandusky, beyond the Nittany Lions, beyond Penn State itself. The rot is in the entirety of Centre County, PA. From the hero-worshiping fake journalists at last night's presser, who made the lily-livered clowns at Fox News look like esteemed Pulitzer Prizewinners, to the students who, absent any real knowledge of the scandal, decided to rally/riot in support of a guy who covered up for a serial child rapist, the whole place is just one enormous sink-hole of bad.

I've been a sports fan – and, more accurately, a football fan – my entire life. This is far and away the worst of the worst, and it has made me come to hate the culture of college football.

Another adds:

This 1982 SI article will cause chills to run up your spine. Sandusky was turning down NFL and college head coaching jobs at age 38 because he was so committed to the youth program he ran in State College, PA. And his family ran a youth recreation center since Sandusky was 9-years-old. Given that background, imagine how many people knew what he was doing.