The Sandusky Grand Jury Report

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 10 2011 @ 11:32am

If you can bear it, read it (pdf). What shocked me was the number of times Sandusky was seen by associates obviously being inappropriate (how I hate that weasel Clinton word) with boys. The pattern was everywhere. It was not just one incident – the brutal rape in the shower -  at all. And what makes this pattern of rape and abuse so disturbing, of course, is that Sandusky simultaneously set up a charity as a safe place for boys from troubled families or single parents – the most emotionally vulnerable kids of all. In order to rape them. A reader writes:

I was at dinner last night. Joe Paterno came on the television and I said Penn State should fire him. I got bombarded by another couple. He's not legally responsible and it's no one's business. If the school fired him he could sue. The couple who doubted my intelligence both coach, one is a teacher, and both are evangelical Christians. Your Honor, I rest my case.