Cain Draws A Blank

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 14 2011 @ 7:52pm


Allahpundit cringes:

His candidacy’s now basically an experiment to see if there’s anything he could say about policy that grassroots conservatives wouldn’t ignore/forgive in the name of nominating a candidate who’s “authentic” instead of some slick RINO Beltway insider phony …

Drezner invokes the mercy rule:

There's a mercy rule in Little League, and I'm applying it here — unless and until Herman Cain surges back in the polls again, or manages to muster something approaching cogency in his foreign policy statements, there's no point in blogging about him anymore.  I can only pick on an ignoramus so many times before it feels sadistic. 

Pamela Geller, who previously endorsed Cain, calls it an "unrecoverable moment":

This is just unacceptable, Herman. … He is not ready.

Chait dismisses the campaign's attempt at damage control:

Cain was operating on four hours sleep, his campaign tells Chuck Todd.  I have been on four hours sleep before. It has not prevented me from recalling the general outline of recently concluded American military interventions. 


Cain makes Rick Perry look like a Mensa president. 


Cain clearly hasn't thought at all about a war his country was fighting while he ran for president. Presumably he was briefed on it prior to Saturday's foreign policy debate. … The man is not a quick study.

Philip Klein focuses on a different part of the interview, in which Cain expressed support for collective bargaining power for public sector unions at both the state and federal level, which "would put his position to the left of the policy that exists even during the Obama administration": 

It's unclear whether Cain's candidacy is just part of his book tour, part of an effort to land a Fox show, or some sort of mere vanity project. But whatever it is, it is not a serious presidential campaign. Cain hasn't earned the right to be taken seriously, because he hasn't approached the task of being a presidential candidate with seriousness.

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