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Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 14 2011 @ 11:47pm

Today on the Dish, Herman Cain truly outdid himself, a witness corroborated his accuser Sharon Bialeck's story, and the GOP embraced torture. Andrew Cohen blamed Obama, John McCain stepped in, and we corralled foreign policy debate reax here. Bachmann sort of clarified her assertion that the CIA is "run by the ACLU," we checked Perry's pulse, and assessed Gingrich's surge. Andrew glimpsed "the fantastic utopian nightmare of Newtism," he stood by his condemnation of Mike McQueary (as did Dreher), the Penn State football cult widened, and readers weighed in here. Andrew assailed the GOP's newfound anti-tax ideology, he introduced a related new construction ("successful and wealthy"), and in our AAA video, he addressed whether he was reckless in contracting HIV.  

We wondered if/when Germany would take over Europe, Berlusconi fell from grace in Italy, and the Arab League denounced Assad. Jennifer Rubin endorsed "throwing Arab prisoners into the sea to meet righteous divine punishment," and we noted vile murderous sentiments on the other side. 

SCOTUS will hear the case against Obamacare, the supercommittee equivocated, and big business undermined free markets. We envisioned the Future Of Interaction, Wikipedia is as wondrous as the pyramids, and modern DC architecture is deliberately unoriginal. Child actors grew up, O'Reilly botched the history of the Lincoln assassination, and Harold & Kumar pioneered a stoner's "post-racial dream." We shouldn't condescend to the elderly, the mentally ill spurred the early humans on, and vaccines have a greater impact on health than "all the new drugs." We were inspired by Mark Kelly, Nicole Gelinas reimagined personal-retirement accounts, bad local immigration policies have far-reaching effects, and dirty work is "beneath" most Americans.

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(Photo: New York police clear Zuccotti Park, the Occupy Wall Street movement's encampment in Lower Manhattan. Protestors were told they could return, but without sleeping bags, tarps or tents, once the park has been cleaned. Follow updates here and here, and live footage here. Photo by @Newyorkist.)