Is God Trying To Tell Me Something?

It was a great few days for yours truly to make peace with some ideological foes. On the plane out to Los Angeles, who do I bump into but Bill Bennett and his wife, cordial and respectful as ever? On the way back, I kid you not, Andrew Breitbart was in the seat next to me. We've never met, but we've emailed over the years. He's hot-headed and a bundle of bearish energy and nerves. But we had a blast on the plane, with him sharing his latest pop music obsessions on his iPod with me.

Breitbart is actually a kind of straight gay: loves pop music, hates rock n roll, lost interest in radio music around the time of grunge (as did I) and now believes there's a revival of joyous pop going on. Oh, and, yes, we talked Trig a little. How could we not?

Anyway, I happen to personally like him, and Bill, and am touched they don't take my public debating personally. I don't. I consider this blog to be the House of Commons. We can hammer away at each other but have a beer afterwards. Or an iPod share (yes, I made him listen to some new PSB classics).

Good times. Oh, and by the way, I'm giving the Theodore H White Memorial Lecture tonight at the Kennedy School at Harvard. A big honor from my alma mater. The topic is "Conservatism And Its Discontents." The speech is only 20 minutes long to make room for lots of discussion and panels the next day. If you're around, join us.