The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew confronted the new reality of income inequality, and conservatives in Britain actually engaged with the modern world. Rick Perry's funds dried up, Drew Westen emanated nonsense, and grand jury investigations are often unreliable. The Old Boys' Network breeds cowards, and the case against Prop 8 caught a second wind.

In our AAA video, Andrew discussed whether Bush deserved any credit for Iraq, and Frum issued a cost-benefit analysis of the invasion. Netanyahu is not the living embodiment of Israel, a fixation with atrocity drives our policies toward a nuclear Iran, and Israel is prepared to go it alone. Republicans dismissed the UN, the Chinese struggled to find love, and we checked in on the uprising in Syria, which is intensifying. Intellectuals make for irresponsible policymakers, Qatar is richer and fatter than the US, and war is not inherently male. Andrew clarifed his assessment of Obama's foreign policy, and beauty endured in Afghanistan. 

We pushed back against Internet censorship, readers complicated the productivity paradox, and the White House came under assault. Smart kids are more curious about drugs, fiction intervened in death penalty cases, and scientists explored sex differences. Jonathan Cohn delved into the science of early adversity, vegetarians struggled with tattoo ethics, and marijuana softens PTSD. Christians resisted Christianism in Michigan, democracy is about ineradicable disagreement, and gold gave the other elements a run for their money.  Mark Warren profiled a "revolutionary American," Andrew fortuitously encountered some intellectual foes, and he delivered a speech at his alma mater. 

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