Porn’s Supporting Actor


Amanda Hess profiles average-looking male porn star, James Deen:

The straight male performer must be attractive enough to serve as a prop, but not so attractive that he becomes the object of desire. As Curry puts it, "No one wants to alienate the male audience."

 But Deen has his fans:

Deen is not supposed to be the star of his scenes—his sex partners are. But on Tumblr, a network of teenage bloggers has emerged to turn the focus on him. The young women trade Deen videos, post candid photographs, and pluck out all the minute details that turn them on: the way he looks at a woman, touches her, stares into her eyes, whispers in her ear. …  For his teenage fans, James Deen is a window to a world of sexual expression that had previously been no-girls-allowed. For many, it’s an aspect of their sexuality that they’re exploring exclusively on the internet. 

For the rest of us, there's always Depressingly Realistic Sexual Role Play Scenarios. J. Bryan Lowder adds his two cents.

(Photo of Deen via A Space Disaster, from one of many Tumblr posts devoted to him.)