The Study Of Missed Connections

A detail from an info-graphic of on superlatives used in Missed Connections:


More research on Missed Connections here from The Center For Missed Connections, a project by artist Ingrid Burrington. Why Missed Connections resonate:

With its establishment as a part of the personals section of the newspaper, Missed Connections began to take on dimensions more literary than urban—it was a shared written realm, a common zone of loneliness in print. With the advent of Craigslist (a section for exclusively Missed Connections was added to the site in 2000) and other online personals resources, the concept of what constitutes a “missed connection” has transformed into a free-for-all dialogue of venting, longing, and spamming. Analysis of Craigslist Missed Connections postings and communities offers a glimpse into the loneliness and sexual tension that serve as the linchpin of any thriving metropolitan environment. Missed Connections embody a key element of the lure of cities: they provide temporary engagement with a total stranger in uncertain, finite intimacy.

Dan Amira points out the obvious:

Nobody is looking to get in touch with the "mediocre looking" dude or the "homely" girl they exchanged glances with on the subway.