One More Time: Newt Is Dumb

A reader writes:

"Go get a job, right after you take a bath." Apparently, Newt isn’t aware that … THERE ARE NO JOBS!  We have a 9% unemployment rate, and that’s because there aren’t enough jobs, not because millions of Americans don’t want to work.  Is this Newt’s brilliant jobs plan?  "Go out and get a job"? 

The rhetoric and point of view is right out of 1968, as though these were the dirty hippies so demonized by the press back then, protesting the Vietnam War.  This kind of personal attack on the protesters may appeal to his base, but it’s really appalling, and I hope that it turns off millions of moderate-thinking voters.

Yes, Gingrich is boomer polarization personified. Another agrees:

Sorry Newt, another extremist and failed politician beat you to that line more than 40 years ago:

"You come up when I get through and I'll autograph your sandals for you. That is, if you got any on . . . You need a good haircut. That's all that's wrong with you. . . There are two four-letter words I bet you folks don't know: 'work' and 'soap,'" – George Wallace to some hippies, 1968.

The lesson here is that today's GOP thinks that resurrecting George Wallace is the key to winning in 2012.


Both Gingrich and Kyl called Occupy freeloaders this weekend because they use public parks and services without payment. Last I checked, the federal government – which provides funds to state and local governments – has a budget deficit and carries a growing national debt. Americans are paying for government services with cash (taxes) and debt. Therefore, the Occupy members as citizens of the US owe some of this debt.

Like the rest of us, the Occupy members are paying for the services with this debt, a debt they feel and will feel with lower growth rates, higher future taxes, less future government spending on services and infrastructure, higher government interest payments to wealthy domestic and foreign debt holders and higher interest rates. We are mortgaging America's future, and the lower and middle classes represented by the Occupy movement will suffer the most from this debt burden.

I am sure that Gingrich and Kyl do not consider themselves to be freeloaders because they pay income taxes. However. until the taxes cover the budget, the taxpayers of this nation are not currently fully paying the cost of what we are getting so there is no bright line between those not paying enough taxes and those not paying any taxes.

Further, the Occupiers do pay sales taxes to the extent they make purchases. Sales taxes are the biggest state revenue source in many states.

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