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Today on the Dish, Andrew live-blogged the CNN foreign policy debate, and we assembled reax here. We weighed the politics of the supercommittee's collapse, Norquist's pledge represents an open conspiracy, and the Pentagon hyped budget apocalypse. Andrew delved into American exceptionalism as campaign proposition, and Huntsman brought American foreign policy back to earth. We unpacked Romney's proven vulnerabilities as he issued a dishonest first attack (an amusing rebuttal here), and the former governor pivoted to Iowa. Another unelectable candidate surged ahead of Romney, and Newt personified "boomer polarization." The president played "multidimensional chess," he echoed an aggressive Truman on taxes, and we previewed his administration's core argument for reelection. In our AAA video, Andrew discussed whether HIV has shaped his politics. 

We wondered how the Republican candidates would respond to the resurgent protests in Egypt, the Syrian regime "mobilized" its supporters, and Arab attitudes toward the US improved. We assessed Obama's East Asia policy, Andrew McCarthy endorsed defense cuts, and Ryan Avent braced for the worst in Europe. 

Andrew elaborated on It Gets Better, the US teen birth rate is exceptional, and unsafe sleeping kills babies. Readers defended college athletics as another sex abuse scandal emerged, Amazon users took to pepper spray reviews, and the police smashed-and-grabbed with medical marijuana dispensaries as an easy target. Alabama humiliated foreign investors, vodka-tampons burn, and "Movember" is about being seen doing something. We glimpsed polyamorous marriage, and drowned in digital data. 

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(Photo: Crowds gather in Tahrir Square on November 22, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. By Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images.)