What Would The GOP Do About Egypt?


Greg Scoblete is asking:

[I]t seems like there are three broad choices: 1. continue to send American tax dollars to Egypt's military, even (or perhaps, especially) if they maintain their grip over Egypt's political and economic institutions – the better to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out; 2. refuse to send American tax dollars to Egypt's military rulers until they release their grip on those institutions; 3. refuse to send American tax dollars to Egypt irrespective of what they do.

Tonight the GOP nominees are holding a debate on U.S. foreign policy and it will be interesting to see what position, if any, they'd endorse. 

Does Greg think that any of them save Huntsman has a clue? The whole notion of making prudential judgments like this in changing circumstances and unknowable futures is alien to the current crop. If they cannot fit it into an ideological structure, they are at a loss. But let's see, shall we? In my view, this is Huntsman's last chance to really demonstrate his chops.

(Photo: Crowds gather in Tahrir Square on November 22, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. Thousands of Egyptians have been gathering in Tahrir Square after three days of deadly clashes with security forces despite a promise from Egypt's interim ruling Military council to bring forward presidential elections. By Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)