Accountability For Torture

A strikingly honest report on Bahrain's suppression of democracy is met with this response by the Bahrainian autocrats:

Bahrain's Sunni government promised "no immunity" for anyone suspected of abuses and said it would propose creating a permanent human rights watchdog commission. "All those who have broken the law or ignored lawful orders and instructions will be held accountable," said a government statement, which says the report acknowledges that the "systematic practice of mistreatment" ended shortly after martial law was repealed on June 1.

So a Middle East dictatorship has more democratic accountability for abuse of power, including torture, than the US under Obama. Indeed, war criminals were accorded star turns in the latest GOP presidential debate. This is the essence of a certain variety of American exceptionalism: because America is so inherently exceptional, it doesn't have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.