How The Occupation Began

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 23 2011 @ 2:00pm

Mattathias Schwartz tells the tale:

Kalle Lasn spends most nights shuffling clippings into a binder of plastic sleeves, each of  which represents one page of an issue of Adbusters, a bimonthly Tumblr_luabujSYQm1qgmfd2magazine that he founded and edits. It is a tactile process, like making a collage, and occasionally Lasn will run a page with his own looped cursive scrawl on it. From this absorbing work, Lasn acquired the habit of avoiding the news after dark. So it was not until the morning of Tuesday, November 15th, that he learned that hundreds of police officers had massed in lower Manhattan at 1 A.M. and cleared the camp at Zuccotti Park.

If anyone could claim responsibility for the Zuccotti situation, it was Lasn: Adbusters had come up with the idea of an encampment, the date the initial occupation would start, and the name of the protest—Occupy Wall Street. Now the epicenter of the movement had been raided. Lasn began thinking of reasons that this might be a good thing.

Marc Tracy thinks Adbusters isn't nearly as important to OWS as one might think. Thomas Stackpole gives a history of the magazine.

(Photo of original Adbusters call to occupy via Negative Ink)