The Rise Of Polyamory?

Elizabeth Marquardt thinks polyamory is being normalized:

The debate about legal recognition of polyamorous relationships is already well underway. A major report issued in 2001 by the Law Commission of Canada asked whether marriages should be “limited to two people.” Its conclusion: probably not. A British law professor wrote in an Oxford-published textbook that the idea that marriage meaning two people is a “traditional” and perhaps outdated way of thinking. Elizabeth Emens of the University of Chicago Law School published a substantial legal defense of polyamory in a legal journal. She suggested that “we view this historical moment, when same-sex couples begin to enter the institution of marriage, as a unique opportunity to question the mandate of compulsory monogamy.”

Dreher, no surprise, is unhappy with this alleged trend and sees no rational reason to deny polyamorists legal rights once marriage equality is law. But the case for civil marriage with multiple partners is a huge leap from allowing every citizen to enter a meaningful civil marriage with someone else. Of course, the far left will try to use marriage equality as a spring board for this. But it seems to me a completely different question – morally, socially and sociologically, especially in its impact on women.