The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew detected Oakeshott in Kahneman's "experiencing self," he elaborated on intelligence research, and he's prepared to give up the charitable-donation deduction. We assessed Newt's chances in Iowa and New Hampshire, the public warmed to a familiar candidate, and the DNC went after Mitt. We evaluated Gingrich's immigration strategy after the "amnesty" debacle, the establishment receded, and a RINO self-identified. Some Republicans held out hope for a brokered convention, and global AIDS deaths dwindled. In our AAA video, Andrew explained why he's not a total legalizer, and he reconsidered premium support. 

The Arab League stood up to the Syrian regime, the Israeli settlements formed a "network of control" in the West Bank, and the Republican base stayed sane on Iran. We looked at social market housing in Singapore, wondered about the resilience of US-Pakistan relations, and turned our attention to Egypt's elections.

The financial industry doesn't create societal wealth, African Americans stayed away from OWS, and the new Catholic mass could be worse. For police departments, pot-smoking trumps violent crime, an "icicle of death" gripped the sea floor, and the straw was reinvented. We deconstructed DFW's lesson plans, revisited the details of the DSK scandal, and tracked the rise and fall of bitcoin. We tried to understand Black Friday, mapped the actual origins of food products, and charted the wage gap. American pop forgets American culture, George Harrison's "Sweet Lord" was Krishna, and "the backstory is the biggest one of all."

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