Newt’s Coup de Grace, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 29 2011 @ 4:14pm

My hunch that Gingrich will be the primary beneficiary of Cain's possible withdrawal is backed up by new and old data from PPP:

Our last national survey found that Gingrich's favorability with Cain voters was 73/21. Meanwhile Romney's was 33/55.  That's the same basic trend we've seen in every Republican primary poll we've done in the month of November. On average in 7 polls we've done this month Gingrich's favorability with Cain voters is 69/22. Romney's average is  31/57. In other words Gingrich's net favorability is 73 points better with Cain supporters than Romney's.

Then this:

On average across six polls we've asked a second choice question on this month 37% of Cain voters pick Gingrich to only 13% for Romney.  In fact Romney isn't any more likely to be the second choice of Cain supporters than Michele Bachmann (14%) or Rick Perry (12%).