Why Americans Don’t Like Pop, Ctd

A reader counters another:

Oh PLEASE.  Stop with the over-simplification that all American music forms comes from the Blues. Ragtime per Wiki: "It was a modification of the march made popular by John Philip Sousa, with additional polyrhythms coming from African music." And Rock n Roll?  Stairway to Heaven doesn’t sound like Blues to me.  The British invasion brought over tons of traditional folk music tropes as well.  Any sampling of iconic rock albums will have thoughtfully arranged folk/art/serious compositions alongside thumping blues tunes.  Put up a post on Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny or Bert Jansch.  Johnny Marr was totally influenced by Bert.

And FURTHERMORE, I'm tired of the "only black people have soul" line of BS. 

Tell me the aforementioned Sandy Denny doesn't have a soulful voice (and without the ridiculous improvisational gyrations that contemporary singers use to show off?)  What about PJ Harvey? Cat Power? Eva Cassidy?

American music culture is a wonderful MIX of influences.  And it ain’t all African. And I'm tired of the trope that rock is pejoratively labeled as white guys stealing the blues.  They have, but they've done so much more with it conceptually IMHO.  (I could go on, but I'd probably get a Poseur Alert!)

As for me, I don't like 'pop' music because I find it derivative and uninteresting.  It's for kids who haven't heard it before, made by record labels who want to sell records based on what's previously been successful.