The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew addressed the lessons of "the first conservative," he continued the conversation on race and IQ, and Der Spiegel offered a frank analysis of the Republican primary. The GOP doubled down on immigration, torture, and taxes, and the public ran in the opposite direction. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge fails by its own standard, Newt's tax plan is less ambitious than Perry's, and Huntsman's salesmanship is sadly lacking. Romney struggled through a Fox News interview, Herman Cain threw his family under the bus, and in our AAA video, Andrew discussed Thatcher's particular power. 

Foreign policy is now a front in the culture war, the US is not a crusader state, and the DRC prepared for elections. Iraq squandered its oil economy, Netanyahu used Christmas as a scare tactic, and a hardcore gay leftist accused Israel of "pinkwashing." 

We wondered about the OWS movement's post-Zuccotti era, examined Elena Kagan's early voting record, and analyzed extremes in health care spending. Chris Christie took on the drug war, Alyssa Rosenberg advocated alternatives to sexist literature, and readers weighed in on the charitable donation deduction and guessed at reasons for the regulation of in-flight tech. We studied the obesity wage penalty, and tackled the sex addiction model. Old men let loose in the locker room, the market for legal services is shrinking, and the middle class is putting off retirement until after death. 

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(Photo: Migrating gray cranes fly on November 30, 2011 over the Hula Lakes in northern Israel. The tens of thousands of cranes which break their southward migration to and from Africa from as far away as Siberia spend a few days at the lakes feeding in farmers' fields and gathering their strength for their onward journeys. An estimated 500 million birds fly over the Holy Land twice a year in their annual migrations. By Uriel Sinai/Getty Images.)