Why Not Huntsman?

Douthat likes Huntsman but thinks his campaign has been mismanaged:

[Huntsman] picked high-profile fights on two hot-button issues — evolution and global warming — that were completely irrelevant to his candidacy’s rationale. He let his campaign manager define his candidacy as a fight to save the Republican Party from a “bunch of cranks.” And he embraced his identity as the media’s favorite Republican by letting the liberal journalist Jacob Weisberg write a fawning profile for Vogue.

This was political malpractice at its worst. Voters don’t necessarily need to like a candidate to vote for him, but they need to think that he likes them

One reason for hope: Huntsman's New Hampshire polling is improving. Even nationally, he has crept up a teensy bit. I doubt he can win the nomination of a religious movement, since he is not running as a religious candidate (Romney's and Paul's problem too). But a decent showing might be a way to start the effort to drag the GOP back to secular politics and away from religious identity formation.