No One “Lost” Egypt

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 1 2011 @ 8:48pm


Doug Mataconis gets angry with Republicans blaming Obama for the apparent Islamist victory at the Egyptian polls:

The idea that there was much of anything that the United States either could have, or should have, done during the Egyptian protests that would have kept Mubarak in power any longer ignores all of the available evidence. The protesters in Tahrir Square and in other cities in Egypt had made clear that they would not negotiate with anyone — not the military, not Egypt’s new Vice-President (a Mubarak crony) — until Mubarak himself had stepped aside as early as the end of January. Nothing Mubarak did persuaded them to leave the protests. Much like the downfall of Nicolae Ceacescu in Romania, the crowds were not going to leave until the dictator had left. The idea that we could have controlled that process is absurd, and the suggestion that we should have stood aside and let Mubarak brutally repress this rebellion is, quite honestly, an insult to American decency.

(Photo: An Egyptian anti-military rule protester attends a demonstration in Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 29, 2011. Egyptians went to the polls for a second day of voting in the first round in what is the first parliament elections since the February uprising. By Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)