The Saddest Book Ever Written

Gabe Habash nominates Microwave for One:

The book is by Sonia Allison, who has quite a few publications under her belt. But she’s6a00d83451c45669e20154379e835d970c best known for her masterpiece of tragedy, a book whose title and cover is so rife with sadness that one almost has the urge to brush the invisible tears from Ms. Allison’s face as she leans over her microwave and her food spread. Very little is known about the contents of the book, except for the few that have been lucky enough to chance upon a copy. Let’s turn to these Amazon customer reviews for some insight. …

Buy this book, or don’t, I don’t care anymore” by Michael Pemulis:

It used to be that I got home from work and the only thing I’d want to put in my mouth was the cold barrel of my grandfather’s shotgun. Then I discovered Sonia Allison’s Chicken Tetrazzini, and now there are two things.