Is Having Children A Right?

Jean Kazez defends the idea:

At a genetic level, and on a psychological level, having a child has much in common with self-preservation, even if it's not identical to self-preservation.  Yesterday I heard a Libyan woman interviewed on the radio. Her husband was Libyan broadcaster Mohammed Nabous, who who was killed by a sniper while speaking to his wife on a cell phone last spring — she was 7 months pregnant at the time.  She had wanted to be out there reporting with him, she tells the interviewer, but knowing their child was on the way made him able to face death.  He wanted her to stay safe.  On some level, having a child is surviving–at least that's how many people feel, and on a genetic level, there's a least a kernel of truth to their feeling… If reproduction is erstatz survival, the right to self-preservation applies (more or less) to reproductive decisions as well.