Trump vs Romney

National Review attacks Gingrich for agreeing to attend the upcoming Trump-moderated debate:

Sure, we see the angle: Gingrich excels in debates and he knows it, and in light of his threat to Romney in Iowa, his participation all but dares the yet-uncommitted Mitt to irk the pro-Trump rump of GOP voters by refusing. As a serious contender running a campaign with maximal pride in its own seriousness, Gingrich lowers himself by association with this consummately unserious man. Romney should refuse to follow suit.

Weigel has more on Trump's motivations. Patrick Caldwell wonders if Trump will revive birtherism: 

It's a terrifyingly plausible scenario that Trump will use his perch later this month to quiz each of the candidates on Obama's birth certificate; hopefully they won't take the bait and will rebut Trump's crazy ramblings, but since the majority have visited Trump Tower, they may kowtow with the hopes of securing the reality TV star's endorsement.

And wouldn't that accurately reflect the reality of the GOP these past two years? It's a talk radio show pretending to be interested in governing.