Huntsman’s Shift On Climate Change

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 7 2011 @ 1:57pm

Mark Kleiman calls his newfound climate skepticism "craven":

Now that Huntsman smells what might be a real, if long-shot, chance at the nomination, as the last credible candidate not named Mitt or Newt, he’s trimming his opinions to fit the beliefs of the fringe element that now constitutes the Republican base.

Allahpundit is more nuanced:

[Huntsman is] not saying he’s agnostic about the issue — clearly he thinks warming is going on — merely that he thinks we haven’t quite yet reached the point where it’s okay to call this a scientific fact and move on from debating whether it’s happening and, if so, what’s driving it. It’s a soft pander, in other words, aimed at showing the base that (a) he respects their opinion even if he doesn’t agree with it and (b) he’s not going to push any regulatory solutions unless and until other major emitters like China sign on to a multilateral scheme.

I too am convinced of man-made climate change but remain deeply conflicted about the best way to tackle it. I'm deeply underwhelmed by cap and trade, and would be leery of imposing it, especially given its corrupt record in Europe. If this is the worst pandering we get from Huntsman, I can live with it.