The Limbaugh-Gingrich Alliance

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 7 2011 @ 12:55pm

The second most powerful man in the conservative movement takes a stand:

George Will, I mentioned this yesterday, George Will has called Newt a Marxist. Fine; he can do whatever he wants. But I don’t recall him ever calling Obama a Marxist. So there’s a huge effort out there today, and it’s not just today; of course it’s been building. It was Herman Cain before Newt. It was Rick Perry when he came out strong. This effort’s been directed at Michele Bachmann. And it is essentially an attack on conservatives. It is conservatives that nobody in the establishment inside the Beltway appears to want. Republicans and Democrats alike really apparently do not want genuine conservatives winning elections at the upper levels of the Republican Party.

Kornacki gets inside Limbaugh's head:

Part of the explanation has to do with Limbaugh’s status as a leading Romney-skeptic. He announced on his show a few months ago that "Romney is not a conservative," and even when Rick Perry’s poll numbers collapsed earlier this fall and the political world began treating Romney as the inevitable nominee Limbaugh continued urging his listeners to be open to alternatives. He regards himself as a preeminent voice of the anti-establishment Tea Party movement, so in a way the GOP race is a test of Limbaugh’s clout: If he makes it clear he doesn’t want Romney to be the nominee, what will it say if Romney coasts to the nomination?