Creepy Ad Watch

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 9 2011 @ 6:00pm

Many readers have been nominating this one:


The small print reads:

When your friends drink, they can end up making bad decisions, like going home with someone they don't know very well. Decisions like that leave them vulnerable to dangers like date rape. Help your friends stay in control and stay safe.

Copyranter comments:

Rape. Not an easy thing to do an ad about. Right, France? Milwaukee? And when governments do rape ads, ho boy, heads up. Right, England? Well, the Pennsylvania Liquor Board got the urge to weigh in on teen date rape. This was the lead ad of their campaign. The victim blaming strategy didn't go over so well. They pulled all the ads Wednesday.

A commenter says of such criticism, "More over-reaction by the PC crowd."