“Libertarian Dubstep”

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 10 2011 @ 1:38pm

Actually exists:

It's fair to say that most political nerds don't know what dubstep is. But last month libertarian sites like The Daily Paul and Lew Rockwell got geeked up about Porter Robinson's track "The State." The ominous dubstep number uses samples taken from economist Murray Rothbard's seminal For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto.

"How f'n awesome is that!?" wrote someone on The Daily Paul, which is, you guessed it, inspired by everyone's favorite gadfly presidential candidate Ron Paul. "…This is just further proof that the concept of liberty is being spread and becoming engrained in our culture, most obviously in younger generations."

The brief interview with Robinson may temper your excitement:

The most compelling anti-statist argument, I always found, is that taxation is armed robbery because — I'm getting really into it now– taxation is essentially armed robbery because every government action is backed by the threat of force.