Hathos Alert

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 12 2011 @ 11:15am

A new conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory springs from the talk-radio right:

Donald Trump has fallen so far that on Friday Rush Limbaugh discussed the idea, brought by a caller, that the reality star and momentary Republican kingmaker is actually President Obama's "Trojan horse."

Kevin from Houston — who implied he was a birther, no less — said, "I mean, if you look at how the birth certificate issue went and all that it just seemed like it was just too (sigh) orchestrated, the way it all came out. All of a sudden, it just disappeared. We get the phony birth certificate…" Limbaugh cut in to explain that several strangers have approached him to float the Trojan theory, saying, "there is a lot of suspicion about this. I've had the term Trojan horse used to me twice this week by people who are doubtful. The thing that set 'em both off was what Trump says, 'If I don't like the nominee, I'm running third party,' 'cause everybody knows third party guarantees Obama. Everybody."

From savior to traitor in mere months.