The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew endorsed Ron Paul for the GOP nomination, Christine O'Donnell championed Romney, and Nate Silver ran the latest numbers in Iowa. Mitt has an evangelical problem, his brand of capitalism is inadequate, though his tax plan is relatively moderate. The former governor borrowed the KKK's slogan, he went after Gingrich's money, and may run (back) to the center. The GOP may be willing to lose in 2012, but electability can be persuasive, and the president can't let the chairman of the Fed go. The Freddie Mac bailout was even worse than 144 Solyndras, and Gingrich represents a liberal's idea of a Tea Partier. 

We reimagined the US-Saudi relationship, checked in on Afghanistan, and celebrated British "obstructionism." The Muslim Brotherhood clamped down in Egypt, Google documented post-tsunami Japan, and Russia is beside the point. China may be more Westphalian than the West, the two likeliest Republican nominees are far more supportive of Netanyahu than their own president, and in 1982 Reagan urged a settlement freeze. 

In our AAA video, Andrew explained his distaste for the HRC, Louis CK won the Internet, and readers sounded off on date rape and personal responsibility. We explored the psychology of murder, reexamined the conservatism of Russell Kirk, and delved into the criminalization of HIV. A la carte pricing would force active viewers to pay more for cable, Facebook is making us jealous and sad, brain structure is not fixed, and the face of Muslim America is banal.

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